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What is DVD duplication?

DVD duplication

DVD duplication is the process by which a DVD is copied, either exactly, or in a compressed format. Even if it can refer to any content is copied, usually DVD duplication refers specifically to copying movies from one DVD to another. There are many legal issues related to DVD duplication, and if it can be legal if the material is not copied under copyright, or if the copier has the right to duplicate, often DVD duplication of commercial movies is a form Of piracy, and carries heavy penal sanctions.

A DVD is a Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc, and is a large capacity storage medium. A one-layer DVD holds about 4.7 GB of data, while a double layer DVD holds about 8.54GB of data. A third format, the double-sided double-sided DVD, holds 17.08GB of data, but this format is very rare. Most DVD blanks consumers hold 4.7 GB of data, and most DVD burners are single-layer burners, while most commercial movies are closer to 8.54GB and burned on a double-layer disc. As a result, DVD duplication of consumers often involves video compression or audio tracks from a DVD to allow a full length movie to fit on a single layer disc.

For consumers who are looking for DVD duplication services to make many copies of their own equipment, there are a number of commercial services that can do this for a very affordable price. In numbers above 500, in fact, DVD duplication becomes about the same cost as CD duplication, and the methods used are very similar. These services can usually make serial copies of DVD data, DVD video and DVD audio.

The entire duplication process can be done online via a provider, as long as you have a high-speed Internet connection. One can design a DVD label, handle art, and specify what kind of case is desired. The material to be duplicated is then downloaded, usually in an archived format, to a central server, where the service can access. Taking this data to use as a master, they then print as many copies as are desired, with price breaks for large orders. For those without high speed connection, most services are also configured to accept a master DVD by mail.

For those interested in DVD duplication of personal equipment at home, there are two main routes to take. For smaller runs a DVD burner level consumers, such as those that come with most personal computers, may be appropriate. Generally these DVD burners are single layer, but for a little more money double layer burners can be purchased instead, but it should be noted that double layer media is much more expensive than single layer discs. Depending on the speed of the burner, duplicating a single DVD this way can take between twenty minutes to two hours.

Autonomous devices can also be purchased. These devices usually have a tray for a master DVD, and then a caddy of some sort hold a massive amount of blank DVDs. Blank DVDs are introduced into the burner, one by one, and the master are duplicated. Although not faster than burners at consumer level, because the process is automated, the machine can be left for days at a time to reproduce large amounts of DVDs.

  • DVD duplication services can offer labeling options as part of a package.
  • Some critics argue that DVD duplication has had a negative impact on the film industry.
  • Making copies of movies for friends is a form of piracy.
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