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What is Amber Fossil?

Amber Fossil

Amber, which is actually a fossil, is often considered in the same class as semiprecious stones as turquoise and jade because of its ornamental uses. Unlike these stones, amber is not mineralized. Rather, it is simply the resin fossil. The majority that exists today is between 30 and 90 million years old. Resin that is only semi-fossilized is called amber as copal or sub-fossil.

This fossil resin varies from pale yellow to dark orange tinge. Some made a beautiful green flow to it. In addition, amber may have smoked even within opaque vortices, and some lovers prefer with these milky inclusions. Because amber is made of tree resin, it often includes insects that have been trapped in the ground several million years ago. A room with a visible and well-organized insect is often prized on a room with such inclusions.

 Amber Fossil Founds?

Amber can be found on the shores of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The main producer in the world is Russia. In fact, about 90% of the world's orange supply is located in the Kaliningrad region of Russia, which is located on the Baltic. Here, the resin is washed on the coast after being dislodged from the bottom of the ocean by years of water currents and oceans. It can also be found in the forests of Ukraine, and that is found in the soil of the swamp forest in the vicinity of the Volhyn-Polesia border is appreciated for its wide range of tones and colors.

The resin has been evaluated as a decorative material of the centuries. It was found in Mycenaean tombs and neolithic remains. In England, Bronze Age artefacts were discovered with amber inclusions. In fact, a beautiful mug of the Bronze Age made entirely of amber was found in Hove, a town on the south coast of England. The cup now resides in the Brighton Museum. Historians have found it has also been appreciated as a material for amulets by the Anglo-Saxons.

Amber is still widely used in jewelry and ornament today. Many jewelers who create majestic designs pleasure working with the resin because these large pieces are available. Moreover, it is definitely cheaper than precious stones. Because of the range of colors, an amber pearl necklace can include a beautiful arrangement of tones and shades.

  • Amber can be found in the forests of Ukraine.
  • A Bronze Age mug made entirely of amber was found in Hove, a town on the south coast of England.

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