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Simple exercises can be done at home?


Of those who do you just never on time and to the gym or exercise in the comfort of your house you want to do as soon as possible? Just about simple and fast you're going to do what those exercises at home by 15 minutes?


It is one of the basic movements of the sport. You will need a treadmill to walk home. If you do not have a treadmill, at least half an hour of walking every day produces very effective results, taking care to choose a place near your home. Take care to walk in the fast pace, taking into account that walking practices made from sweat will not be useful. You can get a more efficient result by using a lap, a lap run.

The shuttle

Exercise moves to develop the abdominal muscles between the most telling. We repeat this movement, you can land on its eight uzanın ve. fingers interlaced behind your head. Move your legs and a half up again, without moving yatınb the way. The move is your body after this point in the form of progress, don't try to do. Take care of your body must show not to touch your chin. Belly up as you move your muscles are an easier way. In this case, slowly increase the number of again.

Superman Workout

Superman Movement

You develop your back muscles with this movement. Lay your prongs and stretch your hands forward so your palms will touch you. Raise your feet without disturbing the straight position of your legs. Take care to stay in that position until you force your muscles. Then loosen and repeat the movement. As the muscles evolve, you should increase the number again.

Back Stretch

Among the exercise movements is known as the calf stretching movement. Kneel over your feet and assemble your hands on your chest. In this position, stretch back as far as you can. These exercises, which are very effective for tightening the calves, also affect the muscles in the lower part of the back region. You should try to increase your stretch rate over time.

Hip Lift Motion

With this movement, you develop your back, waist and arm muscles. Lay your back on your knees. Your hands should stand parallel to the side. In this position, lift your hips up. Stay in that position until your muscles are difficult and then relax. You set the number of repetitions to 8.

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