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What is Star Jasmine?

Star Jasmine

Jasmine Star is a native creeping vine growing in China. Despite its name, this plant is not a real jasmine, even if it produces an odor reminiscent of members of the jasmine type. This perennial flowering plant is widely grown worldwide as an ornamental plant and can be purchased at many nurseries and garden supply stores. Gardeners may want to be aware that in some areas it is considered an invasive species and it may be wise to consider other climbing plants as alternatives.

All About Star Jasmine 

This plant tends to spread out as it grows and it can become extremely large under good growing conditions. Star of jasmine grows as dense ground cover evergreen, as well as a climbing plant, and can be used with versatility in the garden. This plant usually has a two-tone coloring in early spring, with a greener green growth and bright new green growth. The flowers are in the shape of reels with five petals and are bright white in color, producing a rich aroma that can scent a whole neighborhood in the case of large installations.

Called officially Trachelospermum jasminoides, this plant is also called Confederate Jasmine. It prefers a rich and well-drained soil with a little moisture and can grow in full sun to partial shade in United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) areas eight to 11. In warm climates it is advisable to grow this Plant in the shade, as the heat can become too intense. In cold regions, full sunlight may be a better choice.

Dense foliage is produced by most jasmine star plants when they are in an environment they like. People can form the plant by using trellis and string if they want to push it to grow in a particular direction. It can also be cut for shaping and encourage the plant to branch further to create a dense bushy look. Pruning must be done in the spring, before the new growth develops but after the worst of the winter is over.

Companion plantations for starry jasmine can include brightly colored flowers to compensate for shiny dark green foliage, with small shrubs and plants. The plant makes excellent coverage for patios and other outdoor spaces and can be grown as foundation planting and bedding plant as well. People may consider planting starry jasmine near windows, doors and paths so people can enjoy the heady smell when the plant bursts into bloom.

  • Some jasmine teas are made from jasmine starry, which is also called confederate jasmine.
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