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What Are the Best Tips for Growing Impatiens?

Growing Impatiens

Available in a wide variety of colors from most gardening centers, impatiens are a common choice for gardens, especially in North America. While increasingly impatiens is usually a fairly simple process, some tips can help even amateur gardeners keep those annuals in bloom during the warmer months. First, it is important to note that impatiens can be sensitive to the sun, and should therefore be planted in areas of the garden that are not affected by intense sunshine. On the other hand, when growing impatiens, it is essential to customize the watering habits for the location in which they are planted. Lastly, impatiens must be fertilized as necessary to encourage lush growth.

Tips To Growing Impatiens

Growing impatiens, gardeners should take note of the fact that these plants can be negatively affected by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. If possible, therefore, they should be planted in an area that is either partially or completely shaded. Those whose gardens do not have a shady place may still be able to grow impatiens, but they will probably have to watch plants carefully, especially when the weather is warm and dry. Under these conditions, impatiens planted in full sunlight may need to be watered twice a day to avoid lightning. It may also be possible to buy impatiens who have been especially bred to endure a lead sun.

Another important step in impatiens growth is the customization of a watering program depending on the nature of where they were planted. Impatiens that have been planted in a semi-shaded area often require less attention, and may need watering only once or twice a week. Here, care must be taken to ensure that plants are not left in standing water. If impatiens share the soil with a large plant like a tree, however, they may need additional watering to compensate for the loss of resources to the roots of the larger plant. Generally, impatiens that have been planted in pots or planters dry out quickly, and may need watering once or twice a day to stay lush.

Finally, the application of a fertilizer rich in nutrients can also be essential during impatiens growth. If a normal fertilizer formulation is used, plants should be treated every two to three weeks. It is also possible to apply a slow release fertilizer at the time that impatiens are planted, and to treat the plants halfway through the growing season again.

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