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Voice of Earth Essay

Voice of Earth

Earth is a beautiful living planet of the universe as the common habitat of more species of biodiversity. Our Earth provides us with food, shelter and with most of our requirements-Despite unavoidable free services provided by Earth to human. we are not being able to pay off her kindness to us. Rather human are being cruel to our Earth by our selfish activities Mahatma Gandhi Said “Earth provide enough to satisfy every man’s need but not every man greed. Every day we produce tons of degradable and non degradable wastes and throw them anywhere recklessly smoke and harmful gases from our homes, vehicles or industries are suffocating her.

We are disposing dirty sewages drainage and even chemical recklessly although we know that more than 7 billion human along with all plants and animals in this world rely on water for their lives. If we aren’t concentrated on saving those water resources then in reon future water can be as expensive as PETROL or one day people can die to thirst. Despite huge noise by our jumbo population itself, we can use loudspeakers for our entertainment & industries, airplanes or other noisy vehicles for our luxury. We destroy forests for agriculture and settlement we built huge buildings, roads & factories be-yond her carrying capacity establishment of nuclear reactors wastely affects environment & human lives.

Harmful gases emitted by ACs, refrigerators, industries & vehicles are depleting ozone layer and increasing our exposure to very harmful UV rays of sun leading us towards various skin diseases eyes contract and even cancer. Wastes like plastics & other non-degradable wastes like insecticides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers etc. highly degrade soil quantity & decrease agricultural products and kills soil microorganism and decomposers water pollution increase risk of water borne disease like cholera, dysentery etc and lead & arsenic highly degrade our mental ability and causes extinction of many aquatic animals, Air pollution causes air borne disease like asthma in humans and animals and disturbs whole metabolism process in plats. Noise pollution cause insomnia and heart diseases in human. Deforestation is leading to natural calamities like floods, soil, erosion etc. Temperature increase & changed rainfall distribution, drought etc. the burning 

Issues in the world at present are “Climate change and Green house effect” solutions of environmental problems are not impossible to superior creature humans if they are committed.
As our youth and global citizen, too have the responsibilities to my mother earth. My first role towards nature is to reduce my own carbon food print via eco-friendly activities. Then, I can form a GREEN ORGANIZATION alone with some other energetic youths to raise awareness in my peer circle , neighborhood and the community about environment sanitation by changing degradable wastes into composts manure and by 3R principle (Reduce, and Recycle) of non-degradable wastes.

 I can create workshops with local people that air pollution can be controlled by replacing house hold energy sources like coal firewood etc. by biogas, electricity or solar energy and we can negotiate with factory owners and vehicle owners to use dust and smoke pacification system industries and vehicles and we can encourage them to use solar- energy based industries and vehicles we can organize environment sanitation programs and of forestation programs in barren lands. We youth can appeal the government to bring eco-friendly development policies & proper planning of cities. We can organize orientation programs about the climate changes, its cause and effects and mitigation measures in school and colleges to induce other youth towards consecration of nature.

May be our single efforts may seem small but if thousands of youth can unite together towards nature conservation then one day over effects will be drastic step to protect our motherland earth form destruction. 

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