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Start-up, adopt a new financing way

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The search for financing is often an essential step in order to develop the activity of a newly created startup. If you are a manager of a startup, there are several financing options available to you.

Bank credit, a classic and practical choice

Among the many solutions available to you, bank credit or professional credit is the most accessible and practical choice to finance the development of your startup activities. These institutions are used to dealing with financing issues for small and large companies. They therefore have the necessary structures and funds to support the development of your new business, whatever its field of activity.

Bank credit is even more accessible, with the help of intermediaries and specialized brokers such as This online broker mainly deals in the negotiation of real estate loans and various financing for individuals, but also offers quality services for executives of individual companies or startups looking for interesting financing. By simply accessing the simulation tool on the site, you will benefit from a loan offer selected from the credit agreements provided by banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions in contact with Boursedescredits. Thanks to this "classic" way, you will understand the expectations of your interlocutors and therefore better documented and enrich your business plan. Start My Story's Business Plan tool was designed with these considerations in mind for banks and other project finance bodies.

Besides banking professional credit, you have many other choices of creditors to accompany the development of your business. Before, business owners were subject to the whims of individual angel investors or bank loan agents. Now it is possible to launch a business plan for the masses by adopting a participatory financing strategy says: Crowdfunding (literally crowd financing). But must we still tame this concept? Initially launched in the US via the success of platforms like Kickstarter, Lending Club, Crowdfunder, etc.

Crowdfunding is a term describing all financial transaction tools and methods that involve a large number of people to fund a project. This mode of financing is done without the help of the traditional financing actors (banking institution, microfinance institution, etc.), it is said to be disintermediated because the emergence of participatory financing platforms has been allowed thanks to the internet and Social networks.

Indeed, this financing platform is beginning to become an effective diversification tool for the financing of small businesses, with new creditors: individuals. In other words, Crowdfunding provides another practical investment strategy for start-up grants and SMEs. In the case of France, a participatory financing guide was even put into effect to clarify already the conventions applicable to this type of financing, which makes it a reliable alternative to make legal in the eyes of the law. Several crowdfunding platforms have specialized in very particular universes, thus reaching a population more concerned by the type of your project.

The business plan you have made will then serve you to have a speech just as compelling for a conventional funding structure as for a crowdfunding platform. You will thus highlight the principles of your concept, detailed your development curve and your desires to succeed.

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