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Skin Cancer in Dogs

Skin cancer is a Disease that can also be seen in Dogs

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Dogs share many similar diseases with people as well as their lives, unfortunately. Cancer is one of these diseases. Different types of cancer can be seen in dogs, skin cancer is one of these cancer types. Skin cancer in dogs is due to different reasons.

What is cancer?

First of all, we do not explain what cancer is. It is also a name given to the malignant tumors that arise from uncontrolled growth of cancerous cells in cancer cells. These cells, which are damaged by DNA cells,

Overexposure to sunlight can cause cancer of the skin in dogs

It is now scientifically proven that sun rays cause skin cancer. One of the most common mistakes dog owners make is to make their cute friends shave. The only answer yes to dog owners who think "Is it harmful to have my dog shave?" Because shaving dogs makes their skin completely unprotected against harmful rays of the sun, which can cause skin cancer. For that reason, shaving the dogs apart from very extreme conditions also helps protect against skin cancer.

What are the skin cancer markings in dogs?

Redness, small and occasionally bleeding nodules, bruises, itching and under-scratching, pigment loss (deep color cell death) in the skin can also be a sign of skin cancer in dogs. For this reason, if you notice one or more of these symptoms in your dog, you should immediately contact your veterinarian and if cancer is detected, the disease will be diagnosed early. It is important to remember that early detection is of vital importance in cancer.

Treatment of Cancer in Dogs

The veterinarian diagnoses the disease by performing a biopsy when the cancer is suspected. Once the biopsy confirms that your dog has skin cancer, the veterinarian will decide on a treatment method, considering the stage of cancer and the overall health of the dog. During this challenging treatment, the owner must be as strong as the dog. Because to deal with cancers in dogs requires a tough struggle between the owner and the dog.

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