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How to Find Investors When Starting Your Business

Business Investors

When you want to develop your own business, there is always a time when there is a great need for fresh funds. Here are some axes to replenish the caisses and most of course goes through the development of its network.S

We can say that there are 3 types of investors:

- The Business Angels, are former entrepreneurs who help the young shoots to start by unveiling their address book. But they will not give money without a return on investment, and you will have to share your capital with them and some of your future profits. There are a large number of business angels throughout France that you can find by region, field of activity. The most important business Angel of France is none other than Xavier Niel, the boss of Free.

- Love Money, this defines the money that can be received from his close entourage (friends, family, acquaintances, networks ...) especially when launching his company. You will have to learn to convince them of the potential of your project but also of your capacities as a self-entrepreneur. Do not forget to tell them that investing in a company can enable them to obtain a large tax rebate (up to -25% of the invested amount), but if the company fails , Their money will be lost and it will certainly not be possible to repay them.

- Private Equity: are companies specialized in the investment of companies that are not listed on the stock exchange. They possess enormous investment power but will be very demanding on the company's results and pervasive on the decision-making. There are hundreds of investment funds with each their area of ​​expertise and network, to make the right choice you can opt for a fundraising consulting firm or a specialized lawyer.

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