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Business Plan of a Restaurant: The Key Points of This Business Plan

Business Plan of a Restaurant

Daily Life Spin gives you the key points to build a business plan or business plan for opening a restaurant. You can find our previous topic on »how to make the business plan of a restaurant. "

Business plan for a restaurant: presenting your concept and service

Before speaking of the financial part, a business plan is constituted in advance of an Executive Summary, that is to say a brief presentation of your concept and the service you will propose. Thus, you will present your business model, your objectives, your development strategy and your future customers.

In the catering sector, you will inevitably have to show the originality of your concept and how it translates in terms of marketing, investment and team. The restaurant market is very rough and competition is very fierce. Analyze your sector, your geolocation and demonstrate the foundations of your concept through the study of your market and the study of your positioning.

The Business Plan for a restaurant allows you to see the financial viability of your concept.

It is important as part of a business plan for a restaurant to mount the originality and performance of your concept within a highly competitive market. But you also have to work and analyze the financial needs of your restaurant.

You must insist on the financial forecasts of your company. In addition to the restoration competition, you will provide the financial elements to invest in your various production equipment (establishment, ovens, cookers, table, chairs), the cost of salaries for your team members, 'You have to respect to be sanitary standards.

The business plan allows you to highlight your strategy and the viability of it, but your business plan must also be supported by financial elements that allow you to demonstrate the feasibility of your concept.

So, do not be afraid to highlight your financing plan. This is a forecast table for you. If your concept is good, as development prospects are reasonable, your financing plan can be important if the return on investment is visible. This is what banks will be able to see when you read the forecast profit and loss account and the cash flow plan for your business plan.

Summary of Financial Plan Items for Your Business Plan

In summary, the financing plan for your business plan must take into account:
  • The permanent needs (equipment, rentals ...)
  • The financial resources you are going to solicit (loan, borrowing, personal contribution ...)
  • Expenses for the year (purchases, salaries, etc.)
  • The recipes you expect to have.

The cash flow plan allows you to see all the disbursements and receipts over the first 12 months of activity. The amount of receipts must be higher than the expenses.

Do not forget that the financing plan you wish to present must be done over a three year period. For you, as for your bank, the evolution of the financial structure of your restaurant is much clearer. This important part of the business plan also allows you to evaluate the resources needed to develop and how you can finance them. Test our business plan software for free to see how to spread your business over three years and convince your interlocutors about the future performance of your business.

We will see in a future article the other elements to be included as part of a business plan for a restaurant.
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