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Brain Tumor in Dogs

The Brain Tumor is Manifested by Some Symptoms

Dog Brain Tumor

There are many different types of cancer and tumors in dogs, and brain tumor is one of them. In dogs, brain tumors can be seen in dogs of all ages, sexes and races, but some races have a tendency to this disease. In dogs, brain tumor is divided into primary and secondary. The primary brain tumors are located in the brain and are derived from brain membranes and cells inside the brain. Secondarily defined brain tumors arise from the spread of tumors that appear elsewhere in the body to the brain. That is, the secondary brain tumor is shaped by the fact that it spreads to the brain by metastasizing another cancer.

It usually appears in dogs over middle age

In dogs, brain tumors are usually seen on middle-aged or middle-aged dogs, ie dogs over 4-5 years of age. If the average age of appearance is 9. This does not mean that it will not be seen in younger or older dogs, of course.


It is not possible to talk about certain reasons for brain tumors in dogs. However, it is known that some factors are predisposing to the disease. Particularly common opinion of experts is that hereditary factors are the most important factor in the formation of brain tumors in dogs. Besides, of course, nutrition, excessive exposure to sunlight, drug use, radiation and many other factors, such as the cause of brain tumor formation in the dogs are among the reasons.


In dogs, the brain tumor is manifested by some movement differences. Here are the brain tumor indications in dogs;
  • Aggressiveness (sudden aggressiveness without cause)
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Coma
  • Seizures seen at certain intervals
  • Vision problems
  • Uncorrection
  • Weakness
  • Numbness
If your dog has one or more of the indications mentioned above, you should immediately contact the veterinarian. Of course, these signs do not indicate that your dog is definitely a brain tumor, but the only way to understand why these symptoms are occurring and to have your dog treated is, of course, taking them to the veterinarian.


If veterinarians are suspicious of brain tumors in dogs with neurological symptoms, they are committed to establishing imaging systems and biopsy diagnostics. As well as surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy can be used to treat brain tumors in dogs. In addition, the veterinarian can also treat all these methods together if he sees them.

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