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Abdominal Swelling in Kittens

Abdominal Swelling in Kittens

It is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world to look at a young municipality, to witness the growth, to feel unrequited love, but at the same time the kitten care is a very responsible activity. In infant cats, abdominal swelling is often perceived as weight or even a health indicator, which is not a correct approach, as infants may swell sometimes for health reasons or even for serious illnesses. So if you have a kitten and your stomach has been swollen remarkably, you should definitely consult your veterinarian.


In infant cats, abdominal swelling may be caused by tomb reason, as well as from many different influences, the causes of abdominal swelling in infant cats are;

Internal parasites: In almost all kittens, there is a question of internal parasites, parasites that may parasitize their offspring from mother cats without parasitic vaccination, and this is manifested by the swelling of the abdomen. In the meantime, internal parasites can be deadly for kittens, so it is absolutely necessary to resort to veterinary medicine.

Gas: In young kittens, gas can form like the same people, especially giving birth to milk and other foods that cause gaza, causing the gaza, thus the abdominal fatness.

Constipation: Not often, constipation can also be seen in kittens, which can lead to swelling in the abdominal area.

It is not right to give milk to the puppy

As we said above, the foods and drinks that cause milk and other foods can lead to gaza and abdominal fatness in the offspring. However, smoking is not limited because there is a high amount of lactose in the cow's milk, and the offspring do not secrete sufficient amount of lactase to digest the lactose in the cow's milk, which means they do not digest lactose. That is why it is absolutely not right to give cow milk to the puppies or adult cats.

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