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11 tricks to shoot beautiful sunsets

Who never wanted to film a splendid sunset? How many of these are made every day? But how many, too, are really successful?

It is not very complicated to obtain a superb result and we will here give you some tips and tricks so that your next realization is a pure wonder to be contemplated then.

1 - The First Bases

  • Planning. Although it is true that unexpected shots can be magnificent, generally it is better to program its shooting to obtain quality images. It is then necessary to locate the most suitable places, those where you can follow the path of the sun until its lowest point, with however some elements of decoration. When the time comes, you will have only half an hour to shoot.
  • The Weather Point. The weather also has its importance, so do not forget to inform yourself beforehand.
  • The Time of Year. It will also be decisive since the sun will be much more timid in October than in the month of July.
  • Good Material. Of course, prepare all your equipment in advance (spare battery, memory card, lenses, focus ...). The use of the tripod may also be useful in order to maintain the desired position when shooting. It also makes it possible not to have to bear the weight of the camera all the time of your shooting.
Useful equipment for shooting a sunset

1 - Composition Techniques

  • Shoot With Several Focus Distances. Do not hesitate to shoot in wide angle, but also to use a zoom to frame more than the sun. It must not be forgotten that this star, in the end, will take only a small part of the image if you take a picture of the whole landscape around. So zooming will give your video a whole new dimension; Be careful not to burn your retina under the firepower of the sun.
  • Play With The Silhouettes. As with any other type of video, that of a sunset needs a point of interest. What bring more depth, more relief too. Some landscapes can offer this dimension. Think, for example, of a vast lake surrounded by trees or a chain of mountains.
  • The Rule Of Third Parties. As in photography, you can, by turning your sunset video, respect the rule of thirds. It consists of giving a third of space to each element (sun, silhouettes, center of horizon). It's mostly to never cut the image in 2, half for the sky and half for the ground.
Compliance with third party rule for successful video

2 - Exposure Techniques

  • Opt for Different Exhibitions. The sunsets offer very varied brightnesses that change quickly. Take a look at several of these magical moments. Shows the different intensities of colors, brightness. Several experiments will certainly be necessary to achieve a good result.
  • Bracketing. This technique inspired by photography can also bring a plus to your video. It will allow you to play on the color by giving each scene turned a colorimetry more or less intense, tones very warm or colder, for example. Filters also exist for this image processing after shooting.
  • Delete the White Balance. Ideally your camera will be set to a 5600k or 6500k preset to preserve the natural colors.
  • The Use of Filters. Since the cameras are not made to take the sun, they are indeed very sensitive to UV, it is necessary to provide the appropriate filters. Those who will protect the lens of the ultraviolet are therefore imperative not to damage your material.

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